Should you shield the valleys from the windstorms, you would neer see the beauty of their canyons.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I Help You Climb The Mountain

Welcome to Your Grief Guide

Your Grief Guide (YGG) was developed as a roadmap through the very difficult journey of grief. No one comes to grief prepared for the task; nor is it something we are taught how to do.

Gwen Kapcia, a Licensed Social Worker and Certified in Thanatology (CT®), built a career-long walk with bereaved people. Upon that experience, Gwen was able to create an online "Guide Grief Journey" which is a five-part series to help anyone who is experiencing a death loss.

For years, Gwen presented to both small and large groups her grief guide. After presentations, individuals said the guide was the most helpful tool they received in their road to recovery. Many then asked if it was available online should they want to reference back or bestow it as a gift when another loved one finds themselves on a grief journey? It was this feedback that brought Your Grief Guide to fruition!

What people are saying about the Guided Tour:

"This was an excellent workshop! It really helped me a lot. Gwen is terrific - so many examples and stories that really happened."

"I can feel the healing that has happened from the first session to the present. What a blessing to have that relief and happiness."

"Fantastic! Just what I needed."

"Best program I have done so far. So grateful to the funeral home for offering this."

"It helps me to know my feelings are normal. Gwen felt like a friend talking to us."

What Is The Journey?

The Journey is a Guided 5-part paid video tour series. The Guided Tour offers education and practical guidance on the journey through grief. Each session includes a 30-45 minute video. These can be viewed individually and then discussed in a group or with a partner/mentor. The tour is self-paced, includes handouts and discussion questions.

Grief Journey

Ready to Start Your Journey?


Purchase the Guided Tour to start your healing today. The tour includes a 5 part video series where you will find support as you learn to feel, express, and heal. The series is designed to make your journey easier and more manageable.

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It takes strength to make your way through grief, to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward.
~Patti Davis