Gwen Kapcia

Gwen Kapcia


  • Certified Thanatologist
  • Co-author Mourning Star Grief Curriculum for Children, Teens & Adults.

Hello, I am Gwen Kapcia and I have spent my entire career supporting bereaved people.


It did not take very long into my career for me to learn that the grief journey is so very hard.  It is overwhelming and it immobilizes people in a way that they are often left thinking they are going to “lose it” or they are not “strong enough” to do this grief work.  The why of what I do has always been to normalize this for the mourner.  No one comes to grief prepared for the task.  It is something we are not taught how to do.  So, my role as the helper is to listen, and to give encouragement on ways to handle this pain and then to let them know that survival is their greatest job and it is possible!

In the educating on the grief process, I keep hearing the theme of “I wish I had heard this sooner”, “so and so needs to hear this” or “I wish everyone had this valuable information.”  In developing a five-part grief class and presenting it to groups of about 20 individuals at a time I often heard how it was the most helpful thing they did for their grief journey. I had many people ask me if I had it online so others could hear it, etc. And therefore, I have created Your Grief Guide.  It will allow this information to get to more people, in the safety of their own homes, and when they are ready to receive it. 

Professionally I have worked in the role of Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice; developed the aftercare program at a large Funeral home and lastly, I directed Starlight Ministries which is a center for children and families experiencing a death loss. I am a licensed Social Worker in the State of Michigan and hold a certificate in Thanatology.

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Gwen is a gifted speaker and presenter. Throughout her 30+ years she has created many trainings and educational workshops. Gwen is available for in-person or virtually to speak to church groups, professional agencies, and organizations.