3 Virtual Checkpoints

Once you have completed the guided tour you will be able to sign up for 3 virtual checkpoints with Gwen Kapcia. Each checkpoint will provide personal support through a Zoom meeting or phone call (60-75 minutes). Gwen will guide you through the wound, the work and, the wonder in these individual sessions.

The Wound

This is the chance to share your story, whatever parts you are comfortable speaking about. Before sharing about their death we will begin by talking about their life, in a sense "introducing" them and remembering who they were and what they meant to you. This is not easy, we know that, but replaying is a vital part of the journey.

The Work

This checkpoint will center around where you are in working through the 6 central needs of mourning (Dr. Wolfelt). Looking closer at what parts of your grief work is most difficult, provide suggestions for intentional mourning and also looking at remaining healthy through the process.

The Wonder

At this checkpoint, we explore when healing comes into view. What are the possibilities for my future? How will I honor and cherish the memories but also step forward into life? What am I going to need as far as ongoing support?

Sign up for 3 Virtual Checkpoints


Purchase the 3 Virtual Checkpoints to share your story, and allow for interaction and feedback to help you gain traction in your journey. The Virtual Checkpoints include three 60-75 minute Zoom or phone calls. These Checkpoints are designed to help you access where you are in the process of grief and where you are going.