My Journey Thus Far

My journey thus far. As mentioned before, grief work has been my entire career. Hospice, grief counselor at a funeral home and currently Program Director for Starlight Ministries is the sum of where I have worked. In addition, I have given countless presentations on grief and loss, how to help, and a variety of topics. My journey has had a theme on repeat for many years, which is, “you are meant to do this”, “ You are gifted speaker” and I finally had to listen to that and look at the real possibility of venturing out and started my own business. I am not a writer per say, I can do it but it is does not come easy to me. I really wanted to find a way to broaden the audience and give more people the coping skills and education. I am not a real self-motivator. I also error in the assumption that I have got all the time in the world to make this happen. Suddenly when I find myself closer to 60 than 50, the reality hits that IF I am going to do this, the time is NOW. I tend to have ideas but not great at getting them into action. I decide after hearing so many people say it was time for me to do this that I hired a consultant. From there, a designer/marketer, and then a website designer, lastly, a production group to film the classes for my website. All I can say is that God went before me and prepared just the people I needed to help this dream become a reality. I forgot, I had to get a lawyer as well, and a CPA. Each one of them has played a valuable role. I just kept on doing the next thing that needed to get done. The time frame has had to be adjusted but I have not stopped. When I took my first step, I started journaling the process, my thoughts and ideas. I did this for 3 months consistently. Then I stopped. So did the progress. Writing it down made it real. I should know that, I read Jon Acuff book, Finish. 😊 I took 5 months off from the journal and have now resumed. It has really helped.
Writing this all out for each of you has helped as well. In conclusion of this journey I want to say that my number one goal is to communicate to the bereaved and those who are called to help that even though the journey is one that is not a straight, easy or even one we are remotely prepared for we can manage the curves, the ups and downs and come out on the other side. Changed. Scarred. Wounded. Yet oddly, whole, at peace and somewhat healed.